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Seeds planted from previous years:
Jacob Lee returns to Kyrgyzstan
for a third time

Thank you so much for your support! Our team this year was able to do things only possible by the seeds planted from previous years, and your financial support for our team members helped us go.

Scholarships Recipient Isak Shin:
Appreciating a comfortable life...
without a cast or crutches.

This year I learned different aspects of myself and my goal in my spiritual walk with God. I learned that missions are never ending. While we live comfortable lives in L.A. or wherever we live, there are people in many parts of the world that do not even know who Jesus Christ is. When I met a missionary and learned about his 20 plus years of dedication to ministry in Thailand, his commitment compelled me to go and use every opportunity to advance the mission field. 


During this trip I also went with a cast to Thailand. I broke my foot a month prior to the trip, and unfortunately I had to go with the cast on. There were a couple of setbacks due to the cast, but I felt like God was teaching me patience and perseverance during this. I was walking on crutches, and it was really uncomfortable for me traveling everywhere, but through God’s grace I tried my best not to complain or cause more trouble to the team.

An enlightening experience
in Japan and Korea for Joseph Jung

I had such a blessed time as God showed me that He is working not just in LA, but around the world. My team and I got to befriend and connect with the students there. I believe that through each other, God worked in the hearts of not only the people in Korea and Japan, but also in our team’s hearts. God is good!




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