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Prior to her departure, Maddie wrote:


This summer I am headed back to the Congo with a team from Bel Air Presbyterian.  I will be speaking at and organizing a youth conference in Bunia, Congo.  I will also be presenting new beds and bedding to the boys of the House of Grace Orphanage.  Lastly I will be bringing computers to the Bunia Young Technology Center, a free computer center at the church in Bunia that I set up with the help of donations from friends and families four years ago.  It will be a busy two weeks for me and my team and we need your prayers — for SAFETY, HEALTH, and GOD'S GUIDANCE.

We can't thank you enough... the boys were extremely grateful.  We were able to deliver 41 matresses, 50 bed sheets, 50 blankets, as well as the computers.  They all declared that they had never seen anything like this in their lives before, and promised to take good care. You can't imagine the impact you have made. God bless you abundantly. 

— Pastor James, The House of Grace Boys Orphanage

Thank you for making it possible for all of the boys to sleep in their own bed, on a new mattress, with sheets, blanket and a pillow!

— Maddie Reasner

Maddie continued with the following update:


The House of Grace Boys Orphanage. What a humbling experience! Orphanages in the Congo are not funded by the government whatsoever, so the only orphanages are ones opened by churches in the area.  As you can imagine, this is something that is very hard to sustain financially.  


Pastor James explained that they have always had around 25 boys in the home, but as of now they are up to 41!  It has been not only a struggle to figure out where to sleep them, but moreover how to FEED them!   They currently do not have any electricity and are are hoping to raise money for solar panels.




2015 Board of Trustees Scholarship Recipient Maddie Reasner
Sends News from the Congo!
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