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After a long flight and a night’s rest, our team took a boat ride to a church in Peru, where we would do most of our ministry work — VBS, painting, and bringing new wood to floor the church.  While we carried the wood to the church on only one day, it was one of the most memorable experiences that I had.  The wood was very long and very heavy, and we carried it on our own for about three quarters of a mile.  Despite the struggles we faced, nobody gave up. 

I hope that we can all become a light to everyone and truly embrace the concept of missions never ending.

— John Hong

Scholarship Recipient Kevin Shim —
Watch Our Recipients in Action!

I finished up my video of our amazing mission trip to Colombia this year.  Such a blessing and it wouldn't have happened without the help of The Kim Family Charitable Foundation!

These kids had so little, yet they always had smiles on their faces, and it made me want to do more for them.  I wanted to help them to understand that they always have God around them, watching over them.

— Julia Kim

Scholarship Recipient Julia Kim —
“God Always Provides...”

This mission was such a gift, and I was so blessed by the kids in Colombia.  It was my first time seeing kids who run outside with no shoes or socks, and living in poorly made houses.  Through this mission, I learned that God always provides and that He has a plan for everything. 


Many thanks to The Kim Family Charitable Foundation for being such a huge help to our team.  I feel that God wanted us to go on this mission; He provided so much in many unexpected ways.





Scholarship Recipient John Hong —
Inspired and Inspiring in the Amazon
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