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Recipient Susan Lee:
and unexpected blessings

Throughout the mission trip to The Philippines, I didn’t see immediate fruits of our ministry there.  To be honest, I was discouraged and disappointed.  My expectations of having this specific life-changing experience was not met. However, I now realized that though my mission experience wasn’t what I expected at first, God was still able to reveal His plans for me.  In the end, God revealed to be an almighty and loving God who worked in unexpected ways to grow my faith and trust in Him.  I was able to witness the brokenness of this world and how God used this unexpected situation to confirm my faith, bring me closer to Him, and face the realities of this world that I was naive to.

Recipient Benjamin Lee:
Most meaningful mission trip
to Mongolia

Our main ministry was to evangelize to college students. We managed to befriend more than 90 people, however only one person accepted Christ into her heart. During our nomad trip, we shared the gospel to 17 children, and miraculously 9 out of the 17 accepted Christ! What stood out to me the most was that these people are pretty much isolated from the city and to think that we managed to convert that number was one of the few times I have truly seen the wonderful work of God. Overall, this has been the most meaningful mission trip I have gone to thus far. 

Recipient Tiger Hong:
In Thailand, becoming a Christian
involves true sacrifice

I think before going to Thailand I thought that Christianity was just loving Jesus with all my heart. I lived in such a comfortable bubble where a majority of people know of who Jesus Christ is and there are a large number of believers. There is so much religious freedom in the U.S. and I have such a strong community of believers around me. 

As I served in Thailand, I got to develop relationships with the Thai church members there. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country (93.6%), with a Christian population of around 0.6%. To be Christian is almost unheard of in Thailand and considered a “Western religion.” It means to give up a potential husband, to sacrifice many work positions, to be persecuted against by your own family; it means a life of sacrifice. I was humbled by this experience. The Thai church members joyfully gave up their comforts in order to follow after Christ and be a part the commission that he has called us to.

I questioned my own experiences with God, and if I had given up anything for the sake of the Gospel. The things of the world can provide momentary comfort and “happiness,” but the joy that we experience when we are a part of God’s kingdom and in relationship with him is so much greater. I used to value my comforts like home, money, and worldly things as impossible to sacrifice, but Thailand changed my values and I no longer place those things above what God has called me to. 

Recipient Esther Yee:
Witnessing God’s faithfulness
in Cambodia

Cambodia was a very great reminder of God’s sovereignty over his nations. Even in such a dark and broken country, God’s presence and love were evidently shown through the different ministries and missionaries my team and I worked with. I was able to witness God’s faithfulness throughout my time in Cambodia. That showed that my God was the God of Cambodia and the God of all nations. 




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